Brochure Stand Double

Brochure Stand Double - Double your impact!

Brochure Stand Double exposes your brochures in two directions thanks to the zig zag construction. The brochure stand unfolds by gripping the top and lifting it to upright position. The stand has a sleek design and stands steady. A locking button makes the system secured when unfolded. Available in a hard or soft transport case.

This is how it is done

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360° brochure exposure
The locking button secures the system when unfolded.
Weight (kg)4,7/8,1
No. of holders5
Size extended (mm)L400 x W259 x H1681
Size folded (mm)L400 x W259 x H265


Standard package
The package contains an aluminium frame with durable brochure holders made from polycarbonate. Choose between a padded fabric case, with a shoulder strap and a durable carrying handle, or a hard case with wheels and an extendable handle.

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