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Expolinc products can be used in every occasion when you want to expose your message – everywhere from the little foyer to big events and trade shows. Let the environment and your own creativity be your guide when choosing display system.

Banner System Guide

Expolinc banner systems consist of five different products adjusted to fit the market. The area of use are many times the same and it's often a small function/opportunity/need that is conclusive why you should choose one system instead of the other. Use the help that Expolinc Banner System Guide provides, and let us guide you to the right decision!
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Quality & Design

It shall be possible to utilize our displays at every imaginable opportunity. For this reason, we subject ourselves and our suppliers to stringent quality requirements, precisely to ensure that our displays can be used again and again. A thoroughly well-thought-out, functional design - enabling your message to make an impact - is a major requirement.

This is how it works

Our displays have been designed to be easily grasped and easily handled - without extra tools. Nonetheless, simple, short set-up instructions are provided with each display as an added operative aid. These can also be downloaded as PDF-files from our Download Centre.

Lifetime Warranty!

We have developed, designed and manufactured all of our products ourselves. Because of this we are all confident about the function and quality of the products and that is why we can offer a lifetime warranty on every purchase.

Expolinc Lifetime Guarantee

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