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Image walls

Transform your exhibition space with our Image Walls. These modular displays offer endless possibilities for showcasing your brand. Elevate your next event or presentation with our versatile Image Walls, tailored to leave a lasting impression.
Expolinc Image Walls

Banner systems

Discover our Banner systems – perfect for creating an impressive presence anywhere. Our smaller display walls come in portable or stationary systems, with or without backlight, to meet all your needs. Ideal for trade shows, stores, and other events, these flexible solutions help you capture attention and highlight your brand. Easily customize your presentation and ensure your message always stands out with our banner systems.


Discover our versatile counters, available with or without backlighting. Our transport cases effortlessly transform into sleek counters, ensuring practicality and style for your exhibitions and events.
Expolinc Counters


Explore our range of accessories designed to integrate TV monitors, provide tables for exhibition setups, and display catalogs effectively. Each accessory is crafted to enhance functionality and presentation at your events.
Expolinc Accessories

Trade show & event

Discover a range of trade show environments brought to life with our signature products: Classic Frame and Light Frame. Explore the possibilities with Expolinc and elevate the exhibition experience. From small-scale to large-scale exhibits. Learn more about how Expolinc can transform your next trade show appearance!
Expolinc Trade Show & Event
Expolinc Light Frame Hero

Light Frame

Explore the future of display technology with Light Frame 2.0, our latest updated edition. A portable, backlit aluminum frame for SEG fabric prints that requires no tools for installation. Light Frame delivers exceptional brilliance and world-class light quality. Its modular, stable design is perfect for any event. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with the Classic Frame for added versatility. CE and ETL certifications guarantee top-notch quality and safety.
  • World class light quality
  • Modular and stable
  • Fully integratable with Classic Frame
  • Double sided exposure
  • Certified according to CE and ETL
Expolinc Light Frame Hero2

Build with light. Shine your brand!

Build flexible and impressive environments

Expolinc CF LF Beynon 4x5m 20kvm
Expolinc CF LF Biomedics 4x12m 44kvm
Expolinc CF LF Monte Falcone 3x3m 9kvm
Expolinc CF LF Nelson Peak 6x5m 25kvm
Expolinc CF LF Orick 3x8 5m 25 5kvm
Expolinc CF LF Perfect Beat 2 5x5m 12kvm
Expolinc exhibition enviroment Orick LF
Expolinc CF LF Beynon 4x5m 20kvm
Expolinc CF LF Biomedics 4x12m 44kvm
Combine Classic Frame and Light Frame to create amazing environments. Build various heights and widths in different combinations in only a few steps. Reuse and resize for your next event, the only thing you might need to replace is the graphic. This is what we call sustainable and flexible!

Storage Room

Keep your stuff organized with Storage Room

Available with left or right hung door for added customization. It integrates with Classic Frame and Light Frame. Choose from standard or XL sizes and heights of 2.5 meters or 3.0 meters.
Expolinc Storage Room

Passion behind every detail


0,96×2,5 m28,5 kg
1,96×2,5 m36,0 kg
2,96×2,5 m43,5 kg
3,96×2,5 m51,5 kg
0,96×2,5 m28,5 kg
1,96×2,5 m36,0 kg
2,96×2,5 m43,5 kg
3,96×2,5 m51,7 kg
1,96×2,5 m44,5 kg
2,96×2,5 m51,5 kg
3,96×2,5 m59,2 kg

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