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Light Frame 2.0 is here – New and improved!


Whats new?

  • Less cables
    Now with a plug-and-play feature, minimizing cables for a smooth user experience. Enjoy the convenience of only one single power cable from the socket to the frame.
  • Built-in power supplies
    Installation is a breeze, ensuring a clean display without the hassle of power supplies on the floor.
  • Versatile widths options
    Introduces a range of light profiles, offering flexibility to build up to 22 different sizes!

Fold Out Counter


Fold Out Counter

The World’s First foldable counter with pre-mounted SEG graphics!

Experience the future of portable counters with the Fold Out Counter. Convenience meets impressive design. Quick and easy setup, pre-mounted SEG graphics, lightweight and smooth construction, exceptional stability, and a smart inner shelf, all in a foldable design.

Upgrade now and revolutionize!


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Light Up Your Brand’s Brilliance!


Light Frame Counter

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – the Light Frame Counter! Get ready to elevate your brand’s brilliance with this cutting-edge addition to our product lineup. The Light Frame Counter is designed to captivate attention and redefine your meeting space’s ambiance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out!


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Introducing our New LIGHT FRAME MINI


Introducing the Light Frame Mini—a portable, backlit aluminum frame designed for fabric prints (SEG). Its world-class LED lights ensure that your brand shines above your competitors.

Enjoy the convenience of easy setup without any tools, and versatility as it can be used both as a single or double-sided display. With integrated top-notch LED lights, plug and play technology, portability without the need for tools, stylish design, and a high-quality finish, the Light Frame Mini is a top choice. It is, also, accompanied by CE and ETL certificates, ensuring its compliance with safety standards.


2023 Collection


Brand new 2023 Catalogue featuring all of our products including the new Light Frame Mini, Backlit Frame Counter, Fabric Stand, Monitor Stand and enhancements to our complete SEG Frame offering.

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Freestanding frame for fabric graphics


Choose between the stylish flat base or the more economical double-sided foot.

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Trade Shows are Back!


Trade shows are back! Here is a Tradeshow Calendar from Exhibit City News showing over 1000s of scheduled events. In particular, this fall season is going to be busy and almost like the good old days!  Be sure to start planning early so you don’t miss out.

With marketing budgets a little tighter, Expolinc offers modular/portable engineering that provides you a custom look at a fraction of the cost of a custom-built display, but with the same visual marketing impact!

Comparatively you can save over 50% in the construction, storage, freight, drayage, install & dismantle, and time. In addition, it is easy and cost-efficient to re-configure to your changing requirements.

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Perfect fit for your image walls


Available in two sizes and the shelf is perfect for marketing materials.

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Create any shape you like with Fabric System


If you use any of the new connectors it allows you to create storage space behind the Fabric System in a very cost efficient way.

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We launch Light Frame!


Combine with Classic Frame or build freestanding environments with Light Frame.

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