• Portable Table

    With Portable Table you will get two tables in one.

Bring your own table to the event

With Portable Table you will get two tables in one. Just switch between bar height and sitting height depending on the situation. All parts are delivered in a compact carrying bag that also fits in any of the Expolinc boxes. With Portable Table you will always have a place at hand for presentations or to have a coffee with your customers.

Portable Table gives you two tables in one package.

  • Compact package, weighs only 10 kg
  • Two heights in the same package

Two tables in one.


Height, bar table 1075 mm
 Height, coffee table 665 mm
 Weight complete 10 kg
 Bag 440×600 mm
Top 410×560 mm


U S measures

Height, bar table 42 inches
Height, coffee table 26 inches
Weight complete 22 lbs
Bag 17×24 inches
Top 16×22 inches


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