• Soft Image

    Soft Image enables you to create a large fabric backwall instantly.

Packed and ready to go!

Soft Image gives you a feature wall of several square metres that easily folds away in just a few seconds. The fabric image is stored and transported already mounted on the display and the low weight makes it easy to move.

The image is attached to Soft Image during transport.

  • Set up a large image wall in just a few seconds
  • Tension minimises wrinkles
  • Robust design suitable for a wide range of fabrics

Winning combinations

We design every product to work great on its own, but also to blend well together with other products from our range, to create a sum that´s greater than its parts. Here are a few of our favourite combos!



For image sizes see our Panel guide under Downloads.

No of squares 2×3 3×3 4×3 5×3
Width (mm) 1510 2240 2970 3700
Height (mm) 2240 2240 2240 2240
Depth (mm) 320 320 320 320
Weight, system (kg) 7,0 9,2 11,1 13,6


U S measures

For image sizes see our Panel guide under Downloads.

No of squares 2×3 3×3 4×3 5×3
Width (inches) 597/16 883/16 1167/8 1455/8
Height (inches) 883/16 883/16 883/16 883/16
Depth (inches) 129/16 129/16 129/16 129/16
Weight, system (lbs) 15,4 20,3 24,6 30





LED spotlight kit

Best in class LED spotlights are available in a kit incl nylon bag, Stabilising feet and 2 spotlights, 15W 1200 lumens.

Stabilising feet

Stabilising feet are always recommended when spotlights are mounted on Soft Image.

Nylon bags

Nylon bags in two different sizes.

Multibag with wheels

Multibag with wheels for easy transport.


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