• This is Expolinc

    About Expolinc - drawing of Roll Up

We are the hardware people!

We do not print and therefore and we do not sell direct to end-users. We are happy to direct end-users to our many professional dealers worldwide!


Everything that we offer is developed by us!

That is a security for any user, we are in full control. We don’t source any products from third party suppliers.


It is important that it looks nice!

We strongly believe that its so important for the end result that the products are neutral and that the graphic hangs perfect. That’s the whole purpose – putting the user in the best of lights!


User-friendliness is key!

If you are struggling with set-up, the end result is at risk! We make sure our products are intuitive and user-friendly. It should be fun to set-up our products, for everyone. And of course with a perfect result!


Life time is economy and sustainability!

The best materials and designs enables you to reuse our products for a long, long time! We put attention to every detail, both in design and production.


Its all heart!

All of us at Expolinc are passionate about our business and we are so proud that many of the world-wide brands are users of our products. For more than 35 years!