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    About Expolinc - drawing of Roll Up

History & Present

Expolinc is a privately held Swedish company founded in 1986. Our strength is to develop display systems and we were the first in the world to launch a broad base Roll Up. We were pioneers in the Pop Up market in the beginning of the 90´s and 2006 we launched what we call “the most user friendly Pop Up in the world”.

Today we are one of the global leaders in the industry of portable display, with more than 1500 dealers globally. Our product portfolio consists of 19 product groups and 400 articles.


Our mission is to develop unique and user friendly products and services within the high end portable and stationary display market. We aim to facilitate successful business in the value chain of distributors, dealers and end users.

We only market the Expolinc brand through distributors and dealers globally.

Product development

The product development is made in Stockholm, Sweden based on the market demands and through the communication with our partners. Our philosophy is to create user friendly, high end products adopted to needs with discrete and stylish design.

Our competence is within mechanical engineering with degrees from the Royal Institute of Technology and Umeå university, with specialist competence within ergonomics.

We use state-of-the-art 3D soft ware for design and 3D printed prototypes. All new products are approved by the management team and typically we launch 1 -2 major projects yearly.

We believe that minimal sourcing is a key to define the end result. Today we have our own tooling even for wheel housing and zipper handles. Approximately 400 tools are currently used, from small stamping tools to advanced plastic tools weighing over 3 tons.



We control a production department in a Swedish owned factory in China, with approximately 80 people dedicated for Expolinc products. We do the cutting, milling, ultrasonic welding, deburring, bending, mounting and quality control. This unit is ISO9001 certified and managed by a Swedish management team. In addition to the above, we also use a wide range of production methods such as extrusion, die casting, injection moulding, blow forming, vacuum forming and sewing.

We always specify the material we use in our products. There is a vast amount of aluminium alloys and quality of plastics with different properties. We make sure to have the right material for its purpose and the same material from batch to batch.

The most common surface treatments we use are anodizing and painting where we only use modern equipment with minimal emissions.


Our own tooling and control in production enables us to work with continuous improvements. Projects are divided into categories for durability, user friendliness and design. Approximately 20 improvement projects are performed yearly.

The quality of tooling and material specifications are setting the quality of the part. Tolerances and surface finish define the user friendliness and durability. We believe in investing in high quality tooling.

With the above in mind we can offer a lifetime guarantee on our products.


Quality in service is equally important and we use advanced soft ware for stock planning and customer data. We understand that a great product is not enough, it also has to be easy for our partners to work with us, from order to delivered product and satisfied customer.

Ethics and Environment

We believe in taking responsibility for people and environmental impact in our value chain – from sub supplier to our customers. Continuous improvements are essential to our business and our credibility as a high end supplier. Find out more by downloading our Ethics and Environmental Statement.


We have today 7 warehouses in Europe and 2 in the USA. We know that availability is a key word and hard ware is often late in the planning cycle. We also work hard on giving all information necessary for our dealers to be successful in their business, including everything from product specificationS, panel sizes, marketing material and personal service.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.