• About Expolinc

    About Expolinc - drawing of Roll Up

Who is Expolinc?
Expolinc is a multinational company with staff in Sweden, Germany, USA, France, Austria and Hongkong and distributors in more than 30 countries. We are a private company founded in Stockholm 1986 making us an industry pioneer. Today we have more than 1500 dealers and is one of the market leaders.

What do you sell?
We sell portable hardware for displaying big printed graphics used by businesses to communicate their brands. Our range consist of over 400 articles from smaller easy to set up banner stands to flexible wall building systems.

Where are your products used?
We find our products in exhibitions, conference centres, shopping malls, show rooms, airports, stores etc. Basically anywhere users want to strengthen their image or give information. Many times a distinct and clear framing of an environment helps the visitor to directly understand the purpose.

Why should I buy Expolinc products?
When it is important for you to have a product that is fun to work with, looks good, for a long time.

What makes Expolinc unique?
Our products are known for their superior quality and user friendliness. We have developed all our products in-house and all designs and production tooling belong to, and is controlled by Expolinc. Since the start we have been true to our mission and kept working on products for the specific industry of display systems. That makes us true experts!

What is your quality philosophy?
We never cut corners to save some dollars. We know exactly how to produce low price products but we choose not to, simply because the end result will not be good! Systems that are not working when they are supposed to or graphics that are wobbly can be a disaster for your appearance. After all, our products are used to support your image.

Do you sell direct to end user?
We do not sell to end users but we are happy to direct any end user to our local dealers.

Can you provide print?
We do not print graphics which is a strategic decision. We have many fine dealers who are experts in printing graphics and we are happy to recommend them.

Who is the typical user of Expolinc systems?
This is a difficult question to answer. We have users ranging from the local wine maker who want to exhibit his products in the supermarket to world famous brands like BMW, Nespresso, Pfizer, Microsoft, Nike, Gore-Tex and many more for global exhibit and communications projects.

Are your products expensive?
No! Since all product are designed with premium material the initial investment might be higher than low cost products. However, with the long life and repeated use taken into account, the total cost and return on investment is very easy to justify.

Where are your products manufactured?
All our products are manufactured in a Swedish owned factory in China. We have our own department with around 80 workers dedicated for Expolinc production. Swedish management is always on site.

What do you do to be environmentally friendly?
Already from the drawing table we consider environmental impact when we choose material, surface treatments, production methods and packaging. Our production site is ISO14001 certified making sure that all rules and regulations are fulfilled and that improvements are constantly introduced. In addition, using Expolinc products means long life and less waste. Products are designed for a long life and repeated use.

What about CO2 emissions?
We are constantly following new technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Biggest impact from our products comes from the general energy mix used for production. We are looking into different technology such as DAC (direct air capture) or CCS (capture and storage) to offset the impact we are making.

What can I expect when I contact Expolinc?
You will come in contact with honest and friendly people that will make sure you will be helped in a professional manner. You are welcome!