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Three new products:

  • Magnet Frame – professional exposure with sanitizer holder
  • Classic Frame – exclusive and portable frame with sanitizer holder
  • Info Stand – stable display for information with sanitizer holder
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Panelguiden 2020


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Luo vaikuttavia kuvaseinämiä


Profiilit yhdistetään toisiinsa ilman työkaluja. Patentoidun ratkaisun profiilit jäävät näkymättömiin.
Haluatko suoran vai kaarevan kuvaseinän? Fabric-järjestelmällä molemmat onnistuvat!


Expolinc Frame skapar oändliga möjligheter


Skapa ett effektivt förråd genom att hänga upp en gardin på gardinskenan som du enkelt fäster mellan två ramar.
Expolinc Frame är ett unikt system med magnetiska kopplingar som gör monteringen enkel och som lätt anpassas efter dina behov.
Prova själv så får du se hur enkelt det är!

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Fespa May 14-17


Welcome to Fespa and our stand A5-J56 where we will present our latest product news – Expolinc Frame and Light Frame.

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Hard case for Roll Up


Roll Up Classic 850 and 1000 are now also available with a hard case. The case has been designed on request from customers with a need for a protective case during tough transports like air travels. It is also available for Roll Up Professional as an option.

Expolinc Frame – new profile system for fabric graphics


Expolinc Frame is our latest contribution to the display market. It is a very flexible profile system for fabric graphics and is suitable for anything from small foyers to large exhibitions. It requires no tools or specialized labour to set up. The unique magnetic connectors guide you to a smooth, stable and safe installation. The systems design is smooth with rounded edges and the profiles have a high surface finish for a stylish impression.

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Expolinc catalogue 2018

Expolinc catalogue 2018 is here


The Expolinc product catalogue 2018 is now available. It comprises our complete product range and is updated with our latest products.

Download the Expolinc catalogue (6Mb Finish) or contact your nearest dealer for a printed version of the catalogue.

Smart & easy – one stand in four sizes


Create a flexible and cost efficient exhibition stand with Pop Up. Use the same images and combine the structures for the required stand area.

  • cost efficient
  • flexible set up
  • perfect result

Whichever solution you choose, the whole stand can quickly be dismantled by one person and packed into the sturdy transportboxes, that also can be converted into counters. Behind the curtain you will have a smart storage space.

3×3 m

1 pc Pop Up 3×3, 1 pc Pop Up 2×3, 1 pc Pop Up 1×3 and Standard Case.

4×3 m

1 pc Pop Up 4×3, 1 pc Pop Up 2×3, 1 pc Pop Up 1×3 and Double Case & Counter.

5×3 m

1 pc Pop Up 4×3, 1 pc Pop Up 2×3, 2 pcs Pop Up 1×3, Case & Counter and Portable Table.

6×3 m

1 pc Pop Up 4×3, 2 pcs Pop Up 2×3, 1 pc Pop Up 1×3, Case & Counter and Standard Case.


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New Panel Base 1220


Panel Base is a floor standing, double sided display system that keeps all rigid board materials up to 19 mm in a firm grip. It is available in 80 (pair), 400 and 610 mm widths.

Now we are introducing a 1220 mm version for really big presentations. The max height is 2440 mm and the set up is just as easy as the other versions.

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