• Classic Frame - With Sky Bridge & Header

  • Classic Frame - NEW Storage Room XL

  • Classic Frame - With Storage Room

    Expolinc Frame is a toolless and portable exhibition system.
  • Classic Frame - Backwall with counter

  • Classic Frame - Booth solution

The choice is yours – build whatever!

Let us introduce the Classic Frame. It requires no tools or specialized labour to set up. The unique magnetic connectors guide you to a smooth, stable and safe installation. The systems design is smooth with rounded edges and the profiles have a high surface finish for a stylish impression. Can be used as office dividers, customer events, booth space or backdrop with hand sanitizer solution.

  • Portable and toolless
  • Magnetic clutch, assembling made simple
  • Frames to combine or stand alone. Seamless
  • Available with Storage Room, standard & XL


For graphic sizes see our panel guide under Download

Basic packages

500 x 2500 mm 9,5 kg
950 x 2500 mm 10.4 kg
1950 x 2500 mm 13,4 kg
2950 x 2500 mm 16,5 kg
3950 x 2500 mm 20,4 kg
4950 x 2500 mm 25,0 kg


Standard Case XL packages

1950 x 2500 mm 23,9 kg
2950 x 2500 mm 27,0 kg
3950 x 2500 mm 30,9 kg
4950 x 2500 mm 35,5 kg


Storage Room Standard packages

0,95x1x2,5 m left hung door 47 kg
0,95x1x2,5 m right hung door 47 kg
0,95x1x3 m left hung door 55 kg
0,95x1x3 m right hung door 55 kg


Storage Room XL packages

1,95x1x2,5 m left hung door 63 kg
1,95x1x2,5 m right hung door 63 kg
1,95x1x3 m left hung door 69 kg
1,95x1x3 m right hung door 69 kg


Connector 90° type A

Connector 90° type B

Straight connector

Triple connector type A

Triple connector type B

Triple connector type C

Straight connector, different heights

Profile A, hub-male 997 mm

Profile B, hub-female 997 mm

Profile C, male-female 500 mm

Profile D, female-female 846 mm

Profile E, male-female 1000 mm

Profile F, female-female 395 mm

Stabilising feet, double. Pair.

Stabilising feet, single. Pair.

Connecting foot, single, incl upper straight connector.

Connecting foot, double, incl upper straight connector.

Supporting rod. Available in 2, 2,5 and 3 m heights.

Storage room - left hung door.

Storage room - right hung door.

Counter, 2 m in Standard Case XL

Spotlight incl. nylon bag.

Inner bag for profiles.

Bag with wheels and zipper.

Bag for the graphics.

Standard Case XL for Expolinc Frame


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