Roll Up Classic

Roll Up Classic - Our rewarded classic!

Roll Up Classic has been formally rewarded and received a prize for its function and design! Roll Up Classic comes in many different widths and the purpose is to use it frequently and the function is designed for different kinds of environments.

This is how it is done

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The image is well protected during transportation.
A simple design that makes the system stand stable on all surfaces.
Width (mm)700850100011501450
Height (mm)19502150215021502150
Weight (kg),87,3


The low-voltage spotlight is packed in a separate, padded nylon bag, that can be strapped to the standard carrying bag. The spotlight is available in grey.Show bigger image

Choose the colour of Colour Kit Classic that goes with the message on the image or the company logo. The accessory comes in the colours blue, red, yellow and black.Show bigger image


Standard package
Roll Up Classic is a complete banner system. The package includes a cassette, supporting rod, panel strips, top profile and bag.

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