Discover innovation in our latest brochure!


We introduce our latest brochure, which serves as an invaluable sales tool for our dealers. This comprehensive guide unveils the perfect enhancements for Classic Frame and Light Frame trade show environments. We are adding new members to our product family, and they are ready to take your customers display systems to new heights.

Sky Bridge
Discover a revolutionary solution for creating elevated walls at trade shows. Crafted with robust construction, the Sky Bridge empowers you to build custom bridges fixed to the walls above the floor level. This innovation allows you to design immersive and private spaces for your attendees while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. (Max width: 2950mm)

Header Kit
Make the company logo a centerpiece with the Header Kit. Its contemporary design attaches to the top of your stand, capturing attendees’ attention from every angle. Not only is it visually striking, but it’s also exceptionally user-friendly for quick setup and takedown, providing a convenient addition to your display system. (Max width 1950mm)

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